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About Us:

The National Arabian Racehorse Assoc. Ltd. is registered under the Corporations Act 2001 with The Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The company is limited by guarantee and is the controlling authority for Arabian Horse Racing in Australia and is the Australian member of the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing Authorities.    

 The charter of NARA detailed in the Company Articles of Association is to;


  • Develop a professional and sustainable Arabian Horse Racing Industry in Australia

  • Promote and market Arabian Horse Racing in Australia

  • Establish and maintain an Arabian racehorse registry

  • Manage and distribute Arabian racing data and records

  • Oversee a strong industry code of ethics

  • Represent Arabian racing at major functions throughout Australia

  • Co-ordinate National Media coverage

  • Publish the Australian Arabian Rules of Racing

  • Co-ordinate Australia's representation in International Arabian Racing

  • Facilitate overseas markets for Australian Arabian racehorses

  • Provide owners and breeders with incentive schemes

  • Co-ordinate with each State the production of a National racing calendar

  • Ensure that Arabian horse racing in Australia is fair by enforcing a strict code of ethics regarding drugs in racing

  • Liaise with Governments and industry leaders

  • Assist in securing corporate and other sponsorships for Arabian Racing.

  • Regulation - we maintain and develop the regulations for the sport.

  • Race Planning - we organize the Fixtures list on an annual basis and implement the decisions of the Race Planning Committee. 

  • Publications - we publish the regulations, racing calendars and all information relating to race meetings.

  • Promotion - We are responsible for the promotion of the sport as a whole and for individual race meetings. 

  • Planning - strategic planning for the future of the sport.

  • Represent Australia - including attending meetings of the International Federation Arabian Horseracing Authorities.

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